Kinefinity PD KineBAT

$399 CAD – $1,199 CAD

Expecting availability: OCT 2019

KineBAT 75KineBAT 75
KineBAT 150KineBAT 150
2X KineBAT 75 + 1X Charger2X KineBAT 75 + 1X Charger
2X KineBAT 150 + 2X Charger2X KineBAT 150 + 2X Charger
$399 CAD

Whole-new PD KineBAT updates traditional D-Tap ports to two PD type-c ports. The new battery is not only applicable to filmmaking scenarios, but as a high capacity portable battery to rapid charge laptop with type-c like Macbook Pro and smartphone like iPhone or other devices.

Smart Charging

PD type-c as the most widely used charging method, is very smart and convenient to output specific voltage and currents by protocols to charged devices. The whole-new KineBAT provides charging and discharging power up to 45W, thus the Macbook Pro (13″) can be full of charge only in 1-2 hours.

More easily, KineBAT can be charged by a compact 65W PD type-c power adapter; charging time for KineBAT 75 is only 1-2 hours when using the adapter.

The brand-new KineBAT 75 and KineBAT 150 have two PD type-c ports: one is for charging and discharging; the other is only for discharging. Two PD ports simultaneously provide maximum 45W and 30W of power with KineBAT for rapid charging.

Slim and Portable

The battery is becoming more and more compact while the filmmaking tends to lightweight. The whole-new KineBAT 75 weighs only 420g, with palm-sized design for easy carrying on the go in the hand or pocket.

Slim as it is, the new KineBAT still displays 4-step LED fuel gauge; there is perfect built-in protection circuit in KineBAT to prevent the overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature and short circuit internally.

As its thickness is only 35mm, KineBAT 75 is very friendly to Gimbal, handheld and moving shooting operation with MAVO and KineBACK Lite.

Its height and width is nearly same with MAVO when attached to V-mount of KineBACK/KineBACK-Lite.

Strong Power Storage

The KineBAT 75/150 is more smart and lightweight compared to old version KineBAT. With large capacity battery cell and advanced circuit design, the KineBAT 75/150 advances the most third-party V-mount batteries in term of energy density: larger capacity in smaller form factor.

MAVO LF can work up to two hours with KineBAT 75 and four hours with KineBAT 150; TERRA 4K works longer with the two type of KineBAT.


  1. Capacity: 73Wh (KineBAT 75) /145Wh (KineBAT 150);
  2. PD USB type-c Input or Output Ports (port one): 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.2A; Maximum 45W;
  3. PD USB type-c Output Port (port two): 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A; Maximum 45W;
  4. V-mount Output Voltage (Nominal): 14.8V;
  5. V-mount Maximum Output Power: 100W;
  6. V-mount Maximum Output Current: 8A;
  7. Operation Temp: 0~40 Celsius;
  8. Weight: 420g (KineBAT 75) /720g (KineBAT 150);
  9. Size(LxWxT): 4.1×3.4×1.3″/106x87x35mm (KineBAT 75), 4.1×3.4×2.1″/106x87x54mm (KineBAT 150).

There are two battery and charger packages:

  • 2xBattery + 1xCharger: buy two PD KineBAT 75, one 65W PD USB type-c power adapter (charger) for free;
  • 2xBattery + 2xCharger: buy two PD KineBAT 150, two 65W PD USB type-c power adapters (charger) for free.