TILTA Camera Cage for BMPCC4K

$159 CAD – $899 CAD

Expected availability: JAN 2019

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$319 CAD
SKU: TA-T01-BCategories: BMD Accessories, CAMERA RIG, TILTA

This completely modular, extremely versatile camera cage is specifically designed for the BMPCC 4K camera. Several differently-designed parts can be attached throughout the cage to create your ideal customized camera setup.

The half camera cage provides protective armor for around half of the camera body while providing several 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points as well as two cold shoe mounting points. The full camera cage completely surrounds the camera while providing one more cold shoe mounting point than the half cage for a total of three cold shoe mounts. The base of both the half and full cage provide several mounting points when attaching your camera to gimbals to more easily balance your setup.

The quick release top handle easily and securely attaches to the top of the cage and provides yet another cold shoe mounting point for your accessories.

Several different baseplates allow for a variety of mounting and power supply solutions. The 15mm LWS baseplate provides 15mm LWS rod holders and is compatible with Tilta-standard dovetails. The Sony F970 battery baseplate is designed to comfortably house an F970 battery while directly attaching to the base of the cage. You can then connect a DC to dummy battery cable into the camera to provide a longer battery life than what the camera normally offers. The V-mount battery baseplate works in a similar fashion but with the even greater battery life that a V-mount battery provides.

The variety of optional side handles work similarly to the battery baseplates. The LP-E6N battery side handle allows you to use a Canon LP-E6N battery to power the Tilta Nucleus Nano motor. It also features a finger wheel to allow you to have wireless control of the Nucleus Nano motor.

The Sony F970 battery side handle allows you to use a Sony F970 battery to power the camera itself as well as external accessories. It also allows you to install a removable finger wheel that can control the Tilta Nucleus Nano motor as well as a record run/stop button to allow for easy access to the R/S function of your camera. The handle features a SAMSUNG T5 SSD card slot which makes the side handle a fully integrated unit that has power and control functionality. It also features a leather hand strap to allow you to securely operate your camera. There’s also an optional left-side wooden handle that provides a comfortable, ergonomic way to hold and operate your camera.

Optional sunhoods for your cage are also available. The partial sunhood attaches to both the half and full camera cage and features a built-in SSD card holder. The full sunhood can be attached to the partial sunhood via Velcro attachments. This gives you greater sunshade coverage. A compartment on the bottom of the full sunhood can be opened to allow access to the camera’s touchscreen.

Multiple other subtle aspects of the cage’s design make it one of the most sleek, ergonomic camera cages available. This includes a compartment to directly attach and store the cage’s assembly Allen wrench into the cage itself, ensuring that you will always have immediate access to the main tool that is used to assemble and disassemble the variety of components used within the cage’s design. Also, the customized USB-C cable and HDMI adapter port are especially designed to work within the confines of the cage’s design to keep it as compact and form-fitted as possible.