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SKU: KineFIT-TERRACategories: CAMERA RIG, KineAccessories, KINEFINITY

Fits all Kine cameras (Terra 4K, MAVO 6K and MAVO LF)


KineKIT-TERRA is designed and built by cooperation between Movcam and Kinefinity, and it interprets Movcam’s design philosophy about camera accessories: lightweight, solid and easy-to-use.

KineKIT-TERRA takes into account of application of TERRA in typical scenarios, such as hand-held, with tripod, for shoulder application, with gimbal, for high and low shooting angles, etc., which makes it best choice for TERRA.

The top handgrip of KineKIT-TERRA is made of wood, higher cost but less weight. KineKIT-TERRA also has a top plate, a side support (though TERRA is far more solid than other DSLR cameras already) as well as a bottom Multiplate designed for 15mm system.  Ergonomic design of Multiplate benefits much for shoulder application.

  1. Tunable TERRA Top Handgrip: There are two coldshoe sockets at the front and rear of the lightweight and solid wooden top handgrip. The two coldshoe sockets provide two locations for KineMON monitor with the help of special KineMON coldshoe mount(NOT included in the KIT). The top handgrip can be installed in opposite direction, so that  you hold handgrip more balanced and secured when attaching a very heavy lens;
  2. Lightweight Rail with stopper: match the top of TERRA and top plate too. Tunable TERRA Top Handgrip is assembled on TERRA by the rail by clamp. The rail has stoppers at both ends to prevent accidental slipping.
  3. Lightweight TERRA Top Plate: KineMON Rotation Mount can be mounted on the front and left side of top plate. With 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes, the top plate can load different accessories;
  4. TERRA Side Support: provides extra the stability of the camera system;
  5. TERRA Multiplate: supports 15mm rod system, such as follow focus and matte box. Ergonomic design of Multiplate benefits much for shoulder application: the position of camera fixed to multiplate is tunable so as to balance the tripod; if equipped with shoulder pad, the pad can be moved back and forth, thus makes it easier to balance on shoulder;
  6. Two 15mm diameter aluminum Rods with length of 200mm.

KineKIT-TERRA has an option for shoulder pack, which includes:

  1. Movcam Shoulder Pad: x1;
  2. Movcam right-side wooden handgrip: x1;
  3. Movcam TERRA Trigger Cable, coiled: x1 – connect the control port of TERRA to the handgrip so as to trigger on or off by the button on the handgrip;
  4. Movcam Rosette Extension Arm: x1;
  5. Movcam Rosette Offset Adapter: x1;
  6. Movcam KineMON Mount (tailored for KineMON): x1.