NEWEST Kinefinity EF Adapter 3">
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NEWEST Kinefinity EF Adapter 3

CAD$ 939.00 CAD$ 899.00
CAD$ 899.00
The new Kinfinity EF 3 adapter is based on the Kinfinity EF II active locking adapter, and combine the EF lens' rotation bayonet. Compared with the EF Ⅱ adapter, the EF 3 adapter has the traditional camera rotating lens mounting method, that is, rotate the lens clockwise in place, while retaining the Kinefinity EF II wrench locking method. So that the EF lens can be mounted quickly , It can also be locked like a PL lens, suitable for the use of a follow focus when shooting.

For MAVO camera body, directly install to KineMOUNT, the camera immediately supports most EF mount lenses.
NEWEST Kinefinity EF Adapter 3
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