Kinefinity KineBAT V-Mount Battery

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Battery onlyBattery only
2X Battery + 1X Charger2X Battery + 1X Charger
5X Battery + 2X Charger5X Battery + 2X Charger
$609 CAD $549 CAD
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Super Compact V-mount Battery: KineBAT is very different from previous V-mount model. The whole-new KineBAT is designed specifically to match TERRA and other small cinema camera. It can even be placed in palm, with up to 120Wh power. TERRA detects the battery and displays the remaining time when attached to V-mount. It provides TERRA over four hours of power supply.

Its height and width is same with TERRA when attached to V-mount of KineBACK. The height is at least 35mm lower than most of V-mount broadcast batteries.

Of course, it is also compatible with other camera with V-mount. The battery features:

  1. Cell: very high quality 18650 battery cell with high capacity;
  2. Embedded protection circuits for over current and voltage;
  3. Two D-tap outputs;
  4. Capacity: 120Wh.
  5. Nominal Output Voltage: 14.8V;
  6. Maximum Output Power: 80W;
  7. Maximum Output Current: 5.5A;
  8. Working Temp: 0~40 Celcius;
  9. Weight: 699g;
  10. Size: 100x86x66mm.

There are two battery and charger packages:

  • 2x Battery + 1x Fast Intelligent Charger: Two super compact V-mount KineBAT and one high-quality charger;
  • 5x Battery + 2x Fast Intelligent Charger: Five super compact V-mount KineBAT and two fast intelligent charger.