The following items must be complete before equipment can leave our facility:

1. Rental contract

2. Credit card authorization

3. Customer Information 

4. Insurance Certificate


Insurance Requirements

1. Cinetx Inc. must be listed as certificate holder.

2. Cinetx  Inc. must be listed as Loss Payee in regards to all leased equipment, and Additional Insured in regard to general liability.

3. The policy must provide specific coverage for rented equipment and accessories. This should appear in the section labeled "other" on your certificate.

4. The limit of liability and deductible must be clearly stated. Increased coverage on certain rentals may be necessary on an individual transaction basis.

5. The coverage must include in-transit and be written on a worldwide basis if applicable.

6. The coverage must be written on an ALL/RISK Replacement Cost basis. We will not accept an unattended automobile exclusion to the policy. Actual Cash Value Coverage will not be accepted by Cinetx Inc. because it will not meet the requirements of the Rental contract (section 7).


Rental Policies

Daily and weekly
The Daily rate is based on a 24-hour period. Weekly rates are charged at three times the item current daily rate. 

Rentals picked up after 3:30 p.m. Friday and returned by 10:30 a.m. Monday are charged the one-day rate. Rental beginning earlier on Friday or returning later on Monday will be charge at a two-day rate. 

Product availability is not guaranteed unless pre-booked. To help ensure availability, please book your order as far in advance as possible. 

A rental security deposit is required from all customers. The amount of a rental deposit depends upon the equipment being rented and must be paid via a valid credit card. The credit card holder must be present during the pickup of rental items and the rental order must also be under the credit card holders name.

Rental No-show and Cancellation Policy
In the case of equipment that is reserved but not picked up, or rental orders that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, a charge of 50% of the one-day rental rate will apply, with a $10.00 minimum.