[BUNDLE] TILTA Monitor Bracket Kit

$179 CAD – $349 CAD


Bracket OnlyBracket Only
+ Rosette Adapter for Nucleus-M FIZ Unit+ Rosette Adapter for Nucleus-M FIZ Unit
+ Rosette Adapter & Wooden handle+ Rosette Adapter & Wooden handle
$179 CAD
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The monitor bracket set allows you to mount the focus puller's monitor to the Nucleus-M FIZ unit. The bracket set includes a ARRI standard rosette adapter and a Rosette-to-Monitor bracket. 

The left side wooden handle is an optional part for this focus pulling setup. This handle has an ergonomic design to provide maximum comfort while operating the camera in a Tilta camera rig, on the Gravity G2 and G2X Gimbals, or in a shoulder mounted configuration through the attached Arri Standard Rosette. It’s hand-carved from bubinga wood and assembled with CNC-milled high grade aluminum-alloy.


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