[BUNDLE] Tilta Universal Battery Plate with P-TAP to Canon C200/C300 MK II Power Cable

$469 CAD

Allow 7 to 9 business days for this order.


This Universal Battery Plate is designed to be used with a variety of camera systems. It’s available in either V-mount or gold mount versions and has several different power outputs as well as SDI in/out ports. Simply attach one of the various available P-tap cables from one of the P-tap outputs on the battery plate and connect the other end into your camera’s power input port. This provides an efficient way to power your camera as well as external accessories that you’d like to use in your setup.

*Note: The Tilta Universal Battery Plate does NOT come with a camera power cable. Power Cables for specific cameras must be purchased separately. Please check the input voltage of your camera to insure adequate power. Never over power your camera with a power cable as this may burn out your camera. Tilta is NOT responsible for user error in over powering your camera devices.


The P-tap to Canon C200/C300 MK II power cable was designed to be used with (although not exclusively) the Tilta Universal Battery Plate. It allows you to power the Canon C200/C300 MK II cameras through their 4-pin Lemo power input port by attaching this cable to a P-tap power output port.