DZOFilm Catta 70-135mm T2.9 (E-Mount Black)

CAD$ 3,359.00
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DZOFILM Catta Zoom

The Catta 70-135mm T2.9 lenses features wide focal length and authentic Color with cinamatic image. It cover a full frame sensor to meet more latest full frame camera. Parfocal design hold the focus easily throughout the zoom in or out.

As light as ever, can be easily applicable with gimbal and other accessories. Focus along the journey, the edge of frame always keeps same, making audience immerse in the plot deeply. Equipped with a quick-released interchangeable mount, break the restriction in camera and refuse time wasted.

The mechanical and optical construction of these two lenses are identical, a perfect combination of wide angle and telephoto with zero difference for perfect articulation.

DZOFILM Catta Zoom Features

  • Compact, wide focal length T2.9 zoom lens cover full frame sensors
  • Cinematic image quality
  • Lighter, Stronger, Parfocal as ever
  • Round Bokeh with 16 blades iris and Fine Details with close up
  • Better Breathing Control Than Ever
  • Two types of front and rear filters are available
  • E mount is interchangeable with separately available RF, L, Z, X Mount
  • Equipped with a quick-released interchangeable mount
  • Standard Mechanics and Aesthetic Design